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Since 1990, Cislo Title Company has been the most reliable full-service title insurance & escrow services company in Michigan.

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Title Insurance, Closing, and Escrow

Title Insurance, Closing, and Escrow

Title Insurance, Closing, and Escrow

Welcome to Cislo.

Since 1990, Cislo Title Company has served the title insurance and escrow services industries with prompt, professional, friendly service. Your home and property are perhaps the most important investments you’ll ever make. Trust CISLO for extra peace of mind in knowing your investment is safe and protected.

How Cislo Can Help You:


  • Residential, Commercial & New Construction: Title Insurance, closing & escrow services.
  • Banks & Lenders: Rapid turnaround time on commitments. You can order a title online, via fax, phone, or email.
  • Brokers & Realtors: A prompt and detailed pre-title report. Processing and coordinating the flow of documents & funds.
  • Property Title Search: For a complete search of property public records.
  • Escrow Services: Acting as the impartial “stakeholder” or depository of documents and funds.

Cislo title Company

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At Cislo, we’re doing things a bit differently for our customers. Our goal will always be to put you and your client’s needs first.

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Cislo Insurance Partners

You may wonder why partnering with an insurance agency is better than getting a home insurance quote straight from a provider. Cislo Insurance Partners works with home and business owners across Michigan. Therefore, we understand the pulse of the communities and people here.