Brighton & Howell

Brighton & Howell

Welcome to Cislo.

How Cislo in Brighton & Howell Can Help You:

  • Residential, Commercial & New Construction: Title Insurance, closing & escrow services.
  • Banks & Lenders: Rapid turnaround time on commitments. You can order a title online, via fax, phone or email.
  • Brokers & Realtors: A prompt and detailed pre-title report. Processing and coordinating the flow of documents & funds.
  • Property Title Search: For a complete search of property public records.
  • Escrow Services: Acting as the impartial “stakeholder” or depository of documents and funds.


We Love our Brighton & Howell Communities.

Since the beginning, we’ve believed that being a big part of the community in Brighton & Howell is very important. We’re so proud to have been apart of the following events over the years.

  • Gleaners

  • YPN in sponsor of the Humane Society and Youth Connection.